XKLRADIO (Podcast)


You can listen to the show XKLRadio on

WIIT 88.9 fm Chicago (radio.iit.edu)

 Every Thursday at 7-9p

Hosted by DJ Pat XKLusive & Dometi The Prophecy

XKLradio is the moment you will hear, your favorite song but also, a unfamiliar song off the album, or the unsung artists that’s not on mainstream radio, but has a xklusive sound and its own fan base.

XKLradio is a music/talk hybrid playing the latest, hottest, xklusive music in hip-hop, R&B, top 40 etc, with xklusive news, conversation, and guest. XKLradio is also an opportunity for underground/ local artists to be heard and have records broken, hosted by DJ PAT Xklusive.

XKLusive radio “the show “re-established” itself on Krui 89.7fm & Krui The Lab in 2009-14.  In 2015, The show has joined a new radio home WIIT 88.9fm (radio.iit.edu) adding co-host Dometi the Prophecy, young journalist and hip-hop em-cee. Make sure you tune in Every Thursday (7p-9p)



XKLRadio Classic Promo Vids



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