Welcome to DJPatXKl.com

XKLRadio is a brand created by Patrick “DJ Pat” Shelton. DJ Pat is a chicago bred DJ who has been annointing crowds and venues with the freshest exclusive music varying in majority of hip-hop, R&B, dub step, top 40 pop.

The mission of XKLRadio is to bring a sense of uniqueness, having a window to stand out fused with class, style, and substance transformed into a public service of music, video, fashion, and media.  The one key of the brand is being exclusive, which DJ Pat brand as “xklusive”, hence “XKL”, hence his nickname Mr. XKLusive.

According the dictionary exclusive states as being “limited to the object or objects designated: exclusive attention to business, fashionable; stylish.

DJ Pat’s goal is to continue to spread his vision of music in DJing, Radio, and Video.  XKLRadio is just the music/ DJ side of the brand. DJ Pat’s secret to djing is making sure his crowd hear the latest, freshest, most xklusive contemporary and old school.  You can listen to XKLRadio on http://www.krui.fm on THE Lab Wedsneday nights 10p and Sunday nights on KRUI 89.7fm.

Another part of the brand is XKLvision, which are the official DJ Pat/XKLradio web episodes.  Since 2010, XKLvision gives small glimpses in the life with DJ Pat, with live celebrities, upcoming underground artists, and more. You never know what and who you might see on XKLvision. You can see XKLvision on xklradio.com, vimeo, and daily motion, youtube.

Our purpose is to be XKLusive, which is not just a brand but a mindset, a lifestyle.

Be XKLusive. IAM Xklusive.

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